Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of drug testing and client management solutions. Whether you have a small, start up program or a larger, well established facility, Siemens has the right solution for you.


Siemens is helping to streamline drug testing and client management processes within individual treatment programs.  Our solutions combine the unparalleled accuracy of EMIT technology; the efficiency of automated, walk-away instruments, and the accessibility of data provided by WinTox software.


The efficiency of a reference laboratory, in your facility

Spend more time with your clients, and less time testing. The automation solutions from Siemens eliminate manual, subjective testing methods, and replace them with fully automated, easy to use drug testing analyzers. Siemens offers a full line of analyzers to compliment your client volume and testing frequency needs.  With a Siemens analyzer, the results are clear; no more guessing on your test result.


Reliable and accurate results for confident decisions

Siemens' analyzers use Syva EMIT® technology for high quality reliable results, so that you can be confident in your sanctions and rewards. Syva EMIT® is the gold standard in drug testing used in the majority of SAMHSA regulated laboratories across the country. In addition, the EMIT® technology is the only urine drug screening technology upheld by the Supreme Court.


Information at your fingertips without file folders

Connect your drug testing analyzer with data management software from IMS (Integrated Management Solutions) and eliminate time-consuming processes associated with paperwork. Drug testing data is managed by the WinTox® program, which can be fully integrated into the COTTS® case management program.  Utilizing the full connectivity and web-based capabilities of the IMS solutions, data can be centrally stored and accessible anywhere.


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