On Saturday, April 12, National Public Radio highlighted the 25th Anniversary of Drug Courts with a special interview with NADCP CEO West Huddleston. Weekend Edition Host Rachel Martin began the segment by recapping some of the success Drug Courts have achieved:

Twenty-five years ago, Miami-Dade County in Florida was overwhelmed with the crack cocaine epidemic. The judges there kept locking up the same addicts over and over so the county came up with a different concept to deal with them - drug courts. If you were a nonviolent drug offender, you could avoid an immediate prison sentence by going to a drug court. You'd get regular therapy and drug testing. A judge watched your progress, and if you relapsed, well, then you could go to jail. Today, there are some 3,000 drug courts across the country.

Listen to the segement:







On Friday, April 11, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams featured an in-depth look inside the Putnam County, NY Drug Court as part of its series examening heroin use. The piece highlighted the program's incredible success and featured the compelling story of a woman who transformed her life by Drug Court. The story highlighted Drug Courts nationwide, calling them "life-saving."