Ensure Congress Supports Drug Court Funding

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NADCP advocates for increased federal funding and public support for the Drug Court model, for rational drug policies that promote the interests of citizens with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, and for appropriate modifications to the Drug Court model to support non-drug involved populations being processed within the U.S. court systems.

We work every day to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase federal funding for Drug Courts to $250 million
  • Ensure DWI Courts are a vital part of the nation’s impaired driving strategy
  • Establish federal funding dedicated to Veterans Treatment Courts
  • Advance evidence-based practices to advance public health and safety policies

View and download NADCP Congressional testimony, click here.


Drug Court Professionals Storm Capitol Hill

July 16, 2013 -- The day started with an energizing and hilarious Capitol Hill Day Kick-Off event hosted by comedian Alonzo Bodden.  U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Former Congressman Jim Ramstad (R-MN), and Drug Court graduates all provided information and inspiration for attendees to take to Capitol Hill.  Immediately following the Capitol Hill Day Kick-Off, All Rise Ambassador Matthew Perry, acclaimed musician Daniel Powter and thousands of Drug Court professionals took the Hill by storm to let Congress know that Drug Courts are a proven budget solution.  READ MORE


All Rise Ambassador Matthew Perry Educates Members of Congress and their Staff on the Importance of Drug Courts

May 6, 2013 -- Following a meeting with Senior Staff at the White House, All Rise Ambassador Matthew Perry joined NADCP CEO West Huddleston, Board Member Connie Payne, and a Drug Court graduate for an important briefing discussing Drug Courts as a solution to prescription drug abuse. In a room at the U.S. Capitol packed with Congressional Senior Staff and Members of Congress, Perry delivered a powerful statement on the need to expand Drug Courts as a means of combating prescription drug abuse. “When addiction leads to arrest, we must ensure that Drug Courts are available to get people the treatment they need to reclaim their lives and once again be productive citizens,” he said.  The following day, Matthew Perry met with key Members of Congress and strongly pushed for increased Drug Court funding.



All Rise Ambassador Matthew Perry Testifies Before Congress on the Critical Need for Continued Funding in FY ‘14

March 21, 2013 -- Acclaimed actor, star of the hit NBC comedy Go On and NADCP All Rise Ambassador Matthew Perry was in Washington, DC to fight for Drug Courts. Perry testified before the House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee for the Department of Justice on the critical need for $45 million for Drug Courts and $4 million for Veterans Treatment Courts in the Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations bill.  Perry’s testimony and his meetings with key Members of Congress laid the foundation for NADCP’s Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations push. READ MORE



Drug Courts Take Another Huge Step on Capitol Hill


June 12, 2012 -- The Senate Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on the Department of Justice with Attorney General Eric Holder.  As a member of the Committee, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) took this opportunity to go on record and express her support of Drug Courts. 
Sen. Klobuchar said, “as a former prosecutor…one of the things that I know that has been a positive for this country is the work we’re doing with Drug Courts.”  Sen. Klobuchar noted her disapproval of the Senate appropriations number for Drug Courts by stating, “The House has actually approved $45 million in funding for FY 13, and the Senate, unfortunately, has approved only $35 million.  When the bill gets to the floor I think we should get a match between the House and the Senate on that appropriation and use the House number.”
Attorney General Holder agreed with Sen. Klobuchar by stating, “I went to a Drug Court graduation here in Washington, D.C. about 2-3 weeks ago . . . Once they graduate, people are much less likely to reoffend, to use drugs, or to commit other crimes in order to support a habit.  It is something that is a great public safety measure and as you also point out it something that helps save us money. We have the proof now.  It’s not something that we think is going to work.  We can statistically show that they work.  These are the kinds of things we need to support.”
This is a huge step toward achieving an increase in federal funding for Drug Courts this year. If you would like to view the hearing, click here and click on “webcast.”  Sen. Klobuchar’s statement starts around 149:48.


NADCP Storms the Hill for Drug Courts

April 25, 2012 -- Appropriations season rolls on and NADCP’s Public Policy team is hard at work to ensure Drug Courts receive an increase in federal funding. Over the last two days an All-Star cast of NADCP Board Members, Drug Court professionals, and distinguished guests took part in over 30 meetings with key Members of Congress. The message was clear; Drug Courts are the most successful criminal justice reform in our nation’s history and must be expanded. READ MORE.


Fmr. Congressman Ramstad Testifies on Behalf of Drug Courts

March 22, 2012 -- Budget season is in full swing on Capitol Hill as is NADCP's strategy to ensure Drug Courts are funded at $82.9 million this year!

Earlier today Former Congressman Jim Ramstad (R/MN) testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee to ensure that Drug Courts remain a federal priority. “From the budget to border security, to the safety of our neighborhoods, drug abuse drains federal, state and local resources and places a burden on all law-abiding citizens,” he said. “Only through a combination of state and federal funding will Drug Courts remain the most effective criminal justice strategy.” READ MORE.



States Seek to Expand Drug Courts

March 8, 2012 -- Drug Courts are at the forefront of criminal justice reform efforts being pursued by governors seeking a solution to overburdened budgets, overcrowded prisons, and families torn apart by drug addiction and crime. Several states have made Drug Courts a priority in 2012. READ MORE.




Matthew Perry joins NADCP to ensure $86 million for Drug Courts and Veterans Treatment Courts

October 27, 2011 -- On the heels of July’s historic Drug Court Rally at the U.S. Capitol, NADCP returned to Capitol Hill to continue the fight for $86 million in Drug Court funding. Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor Matthew Perry joined an All-Star delegation of Drug Court leaders to take part in two days of meetings with key Members of Congress and a special briefing before the U.S. House of Representatives Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus. READ MORE.



NADCP CEO West Huddleston on CSPAN's Washington Journal

August 6, 2012 -- NADCP CEO West Huddleston appeared as a guest on CSPAN's Washington Journal to discuss Drug Courts. Washington Journal is one of the longest running and most viewed shows on CSPAN and features elected officials, government administrators and journalists as guests, answering questions from the hosts and from members of the general public. READ MORE.


NADCP's Hill Day Rocks Nation's Capital: Massive Rally Precedes First-Ever Drug Court Hearing before the Senate

July 19, 2012 -- On Tuesday, July 19th, hundreds of Drug Court professionals and concerned citizens joined a cadre of celebrities and Members of Congress at a rally in the shadow of the Capitol dome to urge lawmakers to invest in Drug Courts as a proven budget solution. The rally left no doubt that Drug Court professionals are ready to stand up and make their voices heard and the timing was perfect as lawmakers are now set to finalize next year's federal budget when they return in September. READ MORE.



HONDA & SHEEN: Drug courts crucial to criminal justice reform

June 29, 2011 -- As our country’s fiscal crisis forces budget cuts across the board, we are witnessing a renewed interest in criminal justice reform and taking a closer look at the $70 billion spent annually on America’s correctional system. State and national leaders are calling for immediate spending reductions and an end to America’s costly overreliance on incarceration. Calls for reform intensified recently with the Supreme Court’s ruling on the removal of thousands of inmates from California prisons and with this month’s 40th anniversary of the War on Drugs. READ MORE.



Martin Sheen and NADCP Urge Congress to Continue Funding Drug Courts

March 31, 2011 -– Martin Sheen was on Capitol Hill today to urge Members of Congress to continue their widespread support of Drug Courts. Mr. Sheen was among a diverse panel of experts to speak at a briefing on the latest Drug Court research and the steps needed to ensure their sustained success in cutting crime, saving money and serving veterans in need of drug and mental health treatment. The event was sponsored by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the U.S. House of Representatives Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus. READ MORE.