The NCDC has developed a number of short video clips that can be used to share the message that impaired driving kills, and DWI Courts are part of the solution. They are available for you to use during National Impaired Driving Prevention Month as educational material during special events and commencement ceremonies.

The clips include:

  • Why DWI Court? Created from outtakes of three speakers at the 2012 NADCP Annual Conference, Closing Session, this clip provides a powerful discussion of the dangers of impaired driving and the restorative powers of a DWI Court. Length: 2 minutes 34 seconds.
  • DWI Courts: Making Our Communities Safer. A professionally developed video, it discusses what a DWI Court is all about, taking an observer through the entire process, from the arrest to graduation. Length: 7 minutes 31 seconds.
  • 2010 Crash Clock. Incorporating startling statistics and pictures, this clip reminds everyone that impaired driving is deadly. Length: 1 minute 27 seconds.
  • DWI Courts: What Are They? Combining a number of photographs with upbeat music, this clip shows what DWI Courts are all about: restoring individuals to a sober lifestyle and saving lives. Length: 1 minute 47 seconds.
  • DWI Courts Smart Justice. The NCDC Director discusses why DWI Courts are an important component in the fight against impaired driving. Length: 1 minute 56 seconds.
  • DWI Court: A Serious Solution. The NCDC Director discusses what DWI Courts see every day and that a DWI Court is a serious solution for impaired driving. Length: 1 minute 25 seconds.

If you are interested, contact David Wallace, Senior Director of the NCDC at We will send you a link to download the clips for your use.  To watch the clips, click on the image below.

Why DWI Court

DWI Courts

Crash Clcok

Why DWI Court?
DWI Courts: Making Our Communities Safer
2010 Crash Clock

DWI Courts: What

Smart Justice

Serious Solution

DWI Courts: What Are They?
DWI Courts: Smart Justice
DWI Court: A Serious Solution