Getting Members of Congress to Your Event

This December, Senators and Representatives will be in their home districts for a limited amount of time. However, we still encourage every DWI Court to reach out to invite your Members to attend a graduation ceremony, regular DWI Court session or special DWI Court event. It is very possible that a staff person may be able to attend in lieu of the Member. This is still an excellent opportunity to inform your Members of Congress about the life saving work DWI Courts are performing. 

This is one of the best opportunities we have to make your Members lifetime supporters of DWI Courts. Click here to download instructions, sample invitations, and all the information you need to invite your Members of Congress.

In addition to inviting members of Congress, you can invite your governor, mayor, state legislators, chief of police, and local media. Nothing communicates the vision, purpose, and effectiveness of DWI Court as clearly as a graduation/commencement ceremony.