National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Event Ideas

During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, it is important to hold a commencement ceremony and talk about how you are preventing future impaired driving. But there are many types of activities you can schedule in addition to a commencement that will generate media interest in your program and foster community support. Here are a few events successfully used in the past. Elected officials can be invited to attend all of these events!

  • District Meeting with Member of Congress: Try to schedule a meeting with your Member of Congress when they are home. Have your DWI Court judge and a graduate attend the meeting and educate them on why they should support DWI Courts, or thank them for their support.
  • Community Clean-Up: Depending on the weather, clean up a park, a street, a highway or a school. Invite past DWI Court graduates to join and encourage all court staff, law enforcement, probation etc to participate. 
  • School Assembly: Many DWI Courts do outreach in local schools. This is a great way for your participants to give back and to spread a positive message to youth in the community. 
  • 5K Run/Ski: Another fun community event that could turn into an excellent tradition and fundraising opportunity. 
  • Basketball Game: A couple years ago there was a great story about a game between local law enforcement and court participants. The game was covered by the local press and was a tremendous success.
  • Donation Drive: This can be done all month long. Choose a local food bank or charity and help them raise donations. This can also be used to get local businesses involved with your court. 
  • Holiday Toy Drive: Work with community partners to provide gifts to local children during the holiday season.
  • Fundraiser: Many DWI Courts have associated non-profits. Impaired Driving Prevention Month is an excellent time for a fundraising event