NADCP Proudly Presents

25 Years of Drug Court: The Beginning


The National Association of Drug Court Professionals is honored to present The Beginning, a documentary short that brings to life the incredible story of how a local innovation from Miami, Florida sparked a national movement that has forever changed how addicted people are handled in our justice system. Today, there are over 2,900 Drug Courts nationwide serving 144,000 people at any given time. But 25 years ago Drug Court was still a fledgling program fighting for acceptance in a justice system resistant to change. This inspiring film brings together pioneers from the Drug Court movement to tell their stories for the very first time.

NADCP titled the documentary The Beginning because it is just that. The film takes viewers back 25 years to look at the conditions within the justice system that led to widespread frustration, and which opened the door to radical change. Revealing interviews explore how the concept of Drug Court was first received and the heroics it took to implement the first several programs.