Jasper County will be well served to take advantage of this rehabilitative court model: saving precious taxpayer money, keeping Jasper County roads safer, and changing the behavior of addicted individuals to productive, law-abiding citizens.
Yolanda is a Chula Vista mom who once loved carousing with mortgage industry colleagues and started drinking every day while going through a divorce a few years ago.
FORT COLLINS -- If someone looked a few years back at Danny Ortiz and Laura Scheib, they would have seen two Fort Collins residents living on opposite ends of the spectrum.
The first time former New Jersey public defender Yvonne Smith Segars entered a Drug Court she was shocked to discover that her role did not require her to stand up and argue with the prosecutor.
Some drunken drivers can’t stop on their own, even after a second or third arrest, treatment for alcohol abuse or time behind bars.
District court officials from five counties — including Boone — are in Harrison this week examining the possibility of establishing a DWI court for repeat offenders
Among rousing applause and words of encouragement, three men Wednesday became the first graduates of Impaired Driving Court.
The story described the creation of a new Dane County court targeting hard-core drunken drivers — men and women convicted of a third offense with a blood-alcohol content of 0.20 or greater.
Recidivism. It's a hard word for me to say, and it's even worse to hear in the context of repeat criminal offenders, like those who drive under the influence.
The National Transportation Safety Board said Michigan was one of eight states that have done the least to address hard-core drinking and driving.