The Council of State Drug Court Association (CSDCA) was formed in 1997 by NADCP to bring together state Drug Court Associations to assist in the development of the national agenda for the Drug Court movement.  Since that time, the CSDCA has become the advocacy voice for Drug Court professionals.  With over 30 states having their own association and serving on the CSDCA, the CSDCA plays in integral role at both the state and federal level in ensuring that:

  1. Elected officials are educated on the success of the Drug Courts in their community;
  2. Legislation is enacted to ensure the continued growth and advancement of Drug Courts; and
  3. Funding is appropriated that supports the Drug Court movement.

The leadership of the CSDCA continues to work closely with NADCP in setting the federal legislative agenda.  The following are the current officers of the CSDCA:

President: Alex Casale (New Hampshire)

Vice President: Hon. Cristina Jaramillo (New Mexico)

Secretary / Treasurer: Hon. Alan Blankenship (Missouri)


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For further information about the CSDCA, contact:  Tonya Voelker, Associate Director of Legislative Affairs, NADCP, at or at 571-384-1863.