Responses to the Drug Policy Alliance and Justice Policy Institute

Initial Response to DPA and JPI Attacks on Drug Courts 2011

NADCP Brief in Response to DPA & JPI Attacks on Drug Courts

The Baltimore Sun
May 5, 2011
Drug Courts Work - I've Seen it

The Los Angeles Daily Journal
April 18, 2011
Letter to the Editor

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
April 14, 2011 (submitted)
Drug Courts are a proven budget solution

The Baltimore Sun
April 10, 2011
Drug courts are effective

The Baltimore Sun
April 10, 2011 (submitted)
Setting the Record Straight

The Stranger
August 16, 2011
The War on Drug Courts


This American Life – “Very Tough Love”
Board of Directors Statement
April 10, 2011


NADCP Responds to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
NADCP CEO West Huddleston and NADCP Chief of Science, Law, and Policy Doug Marlowe authored the official position statement to correct assertions made in the 2009 National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers report that are unsupported by research, as well as address some areas of common concern. NADCP encourages Drug Court professionals to use the statement as a tool for answering these criticisms and concerns should they arise.

NADCP Board of Directors Statement

Missouri Lawyers Weekly
April, 2010
Drug Courts Save Lives and Money: So Why the Criticisms?

The Sacramento Bee
October 16, 2010
Drug courts unfairly attacked

The Miami Herald

October 13, 2009
Keep drug courts -- they're effective

The Philadelphia Inquirer

October 24, 2009
Drug courts are needed; New Jersey shows why

Los Angeles Daily Journal
October 22, 2009
Drug Courts Are the Most Sensible and Proven Alternative to Incarceration: So What’s the Problem?