Cultural competency is of critical importance in Drug Court. Drug Court teams and the participants they serve should be reflective of community demographics and their jurisdiction’s arrestee population. In 2008, the NADCP Board of Directors approved a resolution on the "Equivalent Treatment of Racial and Ethnic Minority Participants in Drug Courts." 

NADCP is ensuring that Drug Courts have the proper resources and training to be culturally competent, but we also believe achieving cultural competency is an ongoing process and not an event. Therefore, NADCP annually presents the Cultural Leadership Award to spotlight individuals and teams that continuously promote the advancement of cultural competency in Drug Courts. 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Cultural Leadership Award. The award will be presented in a special ceremony during the 22th Annual Training Conference, June 1-4, in Anaheim, California.


For more information on Cultural Leadership Award:

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Judge Pamela Gray, Chair of the NADCP Board of Directors Cultural Proficiency Committee presents the 2011 Culutural Leadership Award