The mission of the 58th District DWI Court is to promote community safety and reduce alcohol and drug abuse through a coordinated program involving intensive supervision, judicial interaction, treatment, incentives, sanctions and accountability.

Presiding JudgesDWI Court Team - Holland
Honorable Bradley S. Knoll
Honorable Susan A. Jonas

Program Coordinator
Alma Valenzuela


The 58th District DWI Court is a post plea treatment court. The program has been in operation since May of 2004

Target Population

  1. Ottawa County resident or residing within the Court's jurisdiction.
  2. No history of serious violent behavior of felony weapon charges.
  3. No on-going serious mental illness.
  4. Alcohol and/or drug addicted or serious substance abuse pattern.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Resident of Ottawa County or within the Court's jurisdiction.
  2. Has an alcohol and/or drug addiction or shows a serious pattern of substance abuse.
  3. Must be facing an DWI-2nd charge in Ottawa County.

Disqualification Criteria

  1. Non-county resident or outside the Court's jurisdiction.
  2. Has prior, serious violent offenses.
  3. Has a serious mental illness.
  4. Has a record of a felony weapons violation.
  5. A screening shows the perspective participant does not have a serious addiction or abuse problem.
  6. Has charges pending in another jurisdiction.