DWI Courts operate in a post-conviction model using intensive supervision and treatment to change the behavior of the person.

In a Michigan study of three DWI Courts, DWI court offenders were 19 times less likely to be re-arrested than a DWI offender in a traditional court.

DWI Court is an accountability court dedicated to changing the behavior of the hardcore DWI offenders. The goal of DWI Court or DWI/Drug Court is to protect public safety by using the highly successful Drug Court model that uses accountability and long-term treatment.


Early studies of DWI Courts have shown successful results. Numerous individual courts have evaluated their program to find a significant reduction in recidivism.

DWI Courts provide more comprehensive and closer supervision than other community-based programs. DWI Court participants are up to nineteen times less likely to get a new DWI offense than DWI offenders sentenced by a traditional court.