Judge Goldstein (left) sits with members of the first Drug Court team on the set of a Florida television show -1990.



Who is eligible for the Hall of Fame?
Only members of NADCP can be nominated for the Drug Court Hall of Fame.

How are Hall of Fame Members chosen?

Hall of Fame nominations are made by NADCP members only. Nominations for the Drug Court Hall of Fame are accepted in January of each year. Nominations are submitted to the NADCP Board of Directors who vote to select the new Drug Court Hall of Fame Member(s). New Hall of Fame Members are announced at the closing ceremony of the annual conference. 

Who was Judge Stanley M. Goldstein?
In 1989, the first Drug Court was established in Miami, Florida, to process criminal cases of substance-abusing offenders through comprehensive supervision, testing, treatment, sanctions and incentives.

The Honorable Judge Stanley M. Goldstein was the first Drug Court judge in the nation. In recognition of Judge Goldstein's example, expertise, and leadership, the NADCP named the Drug Court Hall of Fame in his honor.

Judge Goldstein's untiring efforts epitomize the qualities this award seeks to honor in each of its recipients. NADCP inaugurated the "Stanley M. Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame" in January 2003.