What you don’t know can’t help you.  That’s where we come in.


CourtView Justice Solutions delivers comprehensive case management systems that serve up information at the earliest point possible - and help you make sense of that information, whether prosecutor, defender, case manager, clerk, judge, or supervision.  We believe that knowledge is power and that Justice Works best when your data informs and empowers smart decisions, whether in the courtroom or anywhere along the way. 


From multi-dimensional case, person, and activity tracking to dynamic caseflow management triggered by your processes, preferences, and rules, we combine our CMS solutions with research-based risk and assessment tools for complete, reliable, efficient, and effective information management.


With over two decades of service and some 350 successful engagements alongside justice agencies nationwide, we are more determined than ever to help our communities improve the administration and application of public safety and justice.  Experience the CourtView advantage today.  


Because what you don’t know can’t help you. And it’s our mission to help change that.


Visit www.courtview.com for more information.