On Wednesday November 7, 2012, Clark County Circuit Court #4 in Jeffersonville Indiana celebrated their third Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC) graduation.  Integrating substance abuse treatment services and the justice system, FTDC encourages parent participation through support and incentives so families can provide a safe and healthy environment for their children.


Magistrate William Dawkins, Melissa Braxton-Brown, Brooke Fowler, Judge Vicki Carmichael (l to r)

Judge Vicki Carmichael and Magistrate William Dawkins, along with the program’s staffing team, were proud to present two young mothers with their graduation diplomas and closing papers for their Department of Child Services CHINS Cases. Brooke Fowler and Melissa Braxton-Brown worked hard to stay sober and accomplish their goals. 

Brooke was in the program for 10 months. After years of prescription pill and alcohol abuse, she became sober, regained custody of her 3-year-old daughter, became employed and enrolled in school. Melissa was in the program for 1 year and 1 month.  Her drug abuse started at the early age of 14 where she first tried heroin. After years and years of using pills, marijuana, and heroin, she entered a detoxification program and gained her sobriety. She was reunified with her two sons, 2 years and 6 months old, after 90 days of sobriety. She remained sober, actively participated in treatment, found stable employment and was able to rent a townhouse for her and her children.

Both women have promising futures and gave speeches at the graduation thanking the Family Treatment Drug Court and every agency that helped them along the way.  This is just one of many examples that show first-hand that Drug Courts work.

Submitted by:
Kaniece Smith, Coordinator
Clark County Family Treatment Drug Court