National Drug Court Month 2017

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Today, NADCP is issuing a call to action on behalf of your future graduates. This May, during National Drug Court Month, every adult, juvenile and family drug court, every DWI court, tribal healing to wellness court, and veterans treatment court must ensure every Member of Congress attends a graduation ceremony and fights for treatment court funding with a speech at the Capitol.

Why? If we don’t, drug courts and other treatment courts will be eliminated, and the lives of addicted people all across the country will be in peril. We didn’t turn our backs on our participants and graduates and we won’t turn our backs  on them. We’ll fight to save lives.

Download your 2017 Field Kit

In this kit, you will find everything you need to make this happen. Together, we will fight to save treatment court funding and the countless lives it serves.


House Recess - May 5-15

House and Senate Recess - May 26 - June 5


Supporting Documents


Event Ideas

Sample OpEd


Media Guide

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Fact Sheets



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