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"The Case for Drug Courts"


Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio is an American guitarist, composer, and vocalist most noted for his work with the rock band Phish. A proud Drug Court graduate, Trey has graciously shared his story at numerous NADCP events. 

Trey's Ambassadorship




Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix is currently starring in the NBC smash hit The Blacklist and recently appeared on the big screen in the blockbuster Superman film Man of Steel. He is best known for his roles as "Dresser" in the The Five Heartbeats & as "Boyd Langton" in the Joss Whedon television show Dollhouse. Mr. Lennix has appeared in dozens of hit television shows and movies including 24 and The Matrix Reloaded. He has generously lent his time and voice to the NADCP PSA campaign as well as several NADCP events. In 2011 Mr. Lennix met with many Congressional leaders to advocate for Drug Courts and in 2013 he spoke at NADCP's criminal justice summit in Washington, DC.

Harry's Ambassadorship


Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry 

Matthew Perry is best known for his roles on the TV show Friends as well as dozens of movies. Mr. Perry strongly supports Drug Courts and has shown his support by traveling to Boston and Washington, D.C. twice to advocate on behalf of both Drug Court professionals and participants on Capitol Hill and at the NADCP Conference. He has also appeared in the NADCP PSA campaign.

Matthew's Ambassadorship

  • 2014 NADCP Conference Keynote
  • 2013 NADCP Conference Keynote
  • 2012 NADCP Conference Keynote
  • 2011 Drug Court Briefing on Capitol Hill
  • 2011 Drug Court Rally Speech
  • 2011 NADCP Ambassador Award Speech
  • NADCP PSA Series
  • 2010 NADCP Conference Closing Keynote
  • 2006 NADCP Conference Closing Keynote




Martin Sheen

Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Martin Sheen is one of America's most celebrated, colorful, and accomplished actors. He has supported Drug Courts in many capacities over the past 10 years including numerous NADCP events. In July, Mr. Sheen led NADCP and conference attendees to Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress and urge their continued support of Drug Courts.

Martin's Ambassadorship












ALL RISE Ambassadors give freely of their time, energy and celebrity to help raise public awareness that Drug Courts are the most successful and cost-effective strategy our society has for changing the behavior of criminally-involved addicted and mentally ill persons.















Ambassadors raise awareness through appearing at our annual conference, lending their time and voice in our PSAs, and advocating for increased Drug Court funding. They are our public champions.